DEE DI VITA - photo by Guido Taroni

Dee Di vita is a charitable venture born from a partnership between Mantero and the San Raffaele hospital for the creation of  Dee Di Vita turban*, a special turban designed by the creative team at Mantero thanks to the precious advice of patients taking part in Salute allo Specchio (health in front of the mirror), a psychological and social support project dedicated to all women undergoing treatment for cancer at the San Raffaele hospital.
The aim of the project is double: to enhance beauty and strength in women through the creative expression of a unique and elegant product, and to actively support women undergoing treatment at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and help them rekindle the will to take care of themselves, to feel better and make their family and friends feel better too.
Vita will in fact be on sale to the public both online and at selected retailers.
Part of revenues from sales will be handed over to the San Raffaele hospital’s Salute allo Specchio programme.

*Dee di Vita turban is by choice colourful and fun, interpreting the strength and energy of all women and celebrating their beauty, as well as enhancing their femininity. It is easy to wear and style in many simple and different ways, making it a quality, versatile accessory.